6 Things to Expect From Your Pest Control Service


Serious pandemics like Covid-19 and Zika had been reminders about the gravity of the threat posed by vector-borne diseases. Studies say vectors are responsible for 17 per cent of all infectious diseases and kill more than half a million people while infections are a whopping 70 million a year.

One reason for the surge in pest control services in cities is the spike in awareness about staying safe by investing in hassle-free pest extermination services including elimination of vectors.

It is heartening that few professional pest control company have taken note of the urgency in checking pest infestation with the help of the best pest control agencies like 365 Pest Control.

Pest removal in Melbourne has a high priority on preventive steps to check pandemics. When pest infestation troubles the instant response will be calling up a pest control service.

However, those having a first time experience of working with experts from pest control companies should expect at least 6 things as outlined below.   

Free Inspection

It is the starting point and will be absolutely free. The inspection will cover all parts of the house such as roof, crawl space and attic. The pest control company will then discuss the scale of infestation, plan for treatments, pricing and share views on the pest problem.

There will be a thorough check on inside and outside of the house including pest entry points, conditions that attract pests to the house, plus the damage incurred from the pest infestation.

 A report will be prepared for the client explaining the findings and a suitable treatment plan citing the pest removal services cost with itemized estimates of the jobs ahead.

Most inspectors are certified pest exterminator professionals and will be ready to start the treatment right away after the inspection.  

Doing the preparatory work

Many pest removal treatments require no formal preparation. It only needs the occupants to stay away from the home for an hour so. But some treatments require extra preparatory work to make the exercise safe and increase the efficacy of the service for the best results.

For example, fumigation requires extensive preparation including removal of all food and medicines from the home, turning off the gas and soaking the soil around the home using water.

Treatment-Day Activity list

The technician with his team will recheck the home and assess if any additional damage has happened since the first inspection to cover any freshly infested area in the targeted treatment.

 Pre-treatment suggestions will also be discussed to ensure the service is safe. Also, there will be advice on the dos and don’ts after the treatment and how to go about with the follow-up services. 

Taking safety tips on pesticides

Treatments are generally safe and the sprayed solutions dry up in less than an hour. However, bait poisons and traps are risky to children and pets. If treatment includes these products, take the advice of a pest control technician on where these devices are placed and how to handle them.  

Preparing for ongoing maintenance

Sometimes the pest problem in a home will be the result of local area infestation and calls for an ongoing treatment schedule. One example is fire ants needing continual treatments.

 Some services seek treatment outside of the home to block critters from entering a home, while many others use bait traps. For termites, inspectors will make periodic checks to assess new infestations and decide on pest exterminator services including spot treatments.  

Slow results possible but have no tension

Barring fumigation services the results will not be immediate. It takes at least six weeks for ants, spiders, carpet beetles, large cockroaches, silver fish etc to be fully eliminated.

For rats and fleas, it takes four weeks. There is a possibility of an increase in pest activity in the first few weeks after the treatment as the creatures attempt to come out of the treated areas.

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