What to do in nepal in 5 weeks of travel


The first things that come to mind when you think of visiting Nepal are certainly the white mountains and the many hiking possibilities that the country offers. It is true that these are undeniable attractions of the country, but there are many other things to do during a trip to Nepal than to put on your hiking boots. If you are not a hiking enthusiast, do not put this destination aside and take some notes on the itinerary suggestions that follow and on what to do in Nepal .

film about Nepal by the Aventuriers VoyageursHere is the description:Yannick and Marie visited Nepal before the powerful earthquake that occurred on April 25, 2015. They made a complete tour of the country including visiting temples, an incursion into the jungle on the back of an elephant in Chitwan National Park, cycling in the Pokhara region, paragliding over the rice fields, celebrating Buddha’s birthday at his birthplace, visiting a Tibetan refugee camp and visiting Dashhinkali, a temple worthy of Indiana Jones . They also hiked from village to village in the Everest region, and many meetings with the Nepalese people. This film will also present interviews with notably Mr. Bernard Voyer, Explorer and Honorary Consul of Nepal, but also with travelers who experienced the earthquake.

Explore Kathmandu Valley

If you are wondering what to do in Nepal around Kathmandu, know that the Kathmandu Valley, located a few kilometers from the capital, is full of towns and temples that will amaze you. The largest Stupa in the world is in Bodnath and it is impossible to get tired of exploring the temples and alleys of Bhaktapur. The Pashumatinah temple and its crematorium ghats gave me a little culture shock and although I loved this stunning visit, I do not recommend it for the first day of travel beaches in spain .

Visit Pokhara

Whether you go hiking or not, Pokhara is worth a little detour. Its lake surrounded by mountains and populated by multicolored boats will amaze you and I had a lot of fun tasting my tea while marveling at this landscape. A short boat ride takes you to a trail that overlooks the Temple of Peace and is not to be missed if you are taking a trip to Nepal .

Visit Nepal and go to an Ashram

When I am at home in Quebec, I have a regular yoga practice. During my trip to Nepal, I admit that I hadn’t planned anything other than to practice for myself when the moments presented themselves. That said, once in Pokhara, I met several people who had stayed in an Ashram and wanted to experience it. So I went to spend four days in a center where I practiced several types of meditation and where I tried different methods of “purification”. Some took me completely out of my comfort zone while others

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