Things to do on the long weekend with good Friday in April


Busy cities like Delhi and more are always eager to secure their weekends. But the harsh reality is the fact that even after they get a Saturday and Sunday every week most of it goes into planning what to do and the next thing you know you the weekend is over. Well, the good thing is that a weekend with a literally good Friday is coming in two weeks and you can make something out of it if only you plan early. Well, there are a little too many things you can do to make this weekend count before the new financial year starts. This also brings us to the fact that you may find a lot of blockage to whatever you do but it shouldn’t stop you from having a heavenly weekend. The correct day of the miraculous three days is 2,3 and 4 April. All students are free from their studies and will be enjoying the last three days of their holidays at this time. Parents of toddlers and teenagers can also use the excuse to celebrate a bashful weekend with their children as they are on leave from school. Places like Manali, Shimla, Rishikesh, Haridwar, Jim Corbett and other nearby places are lashing with people during this time.

Are you ready to be a part of the crowd for a weekend with a Good Friday and the best ever Saturday and Sunday, here are your options from indoor slumber parties to outdoor adventurous trips that you can pursue?

Indoor parties

Indoor parties have become a thing ever since covid has become an inevitable part of our life. And so calling your friends and family over are also okay options. For it, you can place an online cake order in Delhi in chocolate or red velvet flavour. You can order some food or rent a movie as well.

Late-night stays

Call your friends over to stay for a night and spend the day just like you always have since childhood. You can play music, dance, eat, chat with your friends. You can play a movie on the television or use an OTT platform to spend the night with fun.

Meditation camps

If you are willing to go out for a day or two meditation camps are a good choice seeing the kind of chaos there exists in our mind due to our work life and personal lives too. Camps in hardware and Rishikesh are very popular, going to holy places is a choice and you can pick a tour package.

Adventure trips

Adventure trips across India is a reasonable thing to do seeing that these trips are covered in three days because that’s all you have. Paragliding, para ceiling, sky diving, underwater diving are only a few names on the list of rocking and compelling adventure activities that call your soul.

Visit relatives and friends

It’s the truth that with our busy schedules we don’t even find time for ourselves let alone our friends and relatives. This is the best time you can find to send them wishes by paying them a visit and spending some days. All along you can play games, visit local places, shop, look at old photo albums and more.

Solo trips

Solo trips are a dream come true for all those who are able to manage to go to places many can only google about. If you are a wandered all it takes is a little courage to step outdoors and take a trip to the mountains and rivers. For this, you can book travel agencies that manage tours or you can manage a trip by yourself and live the dream for a weekend.

Sleep all-day

Another dream that can come true for many over the weekend is to sleep for endless hours and only eat and watch your favourite series. It’s easier to do if you live alone in a hostel or pg and have no hanging swords over your head to maintain proper decoration and schedule. Sometimes sleeping helps put our brain back in place and one day in all these years won’t cost you anything more than sheer happiness.

Finish all late backs

For everything you once said that you will do later, now is the time. Do your homework, and submission, complete all the pending plans, do everything that’s on your plate. And in our lives things like getting a haircut also become far fetched dreams as we get indulged in our routine.

Use the weekend with the extra good Friday before you get ready for the next financial year.

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