The Best 5 Family Shows on Hotstar For Binge Watchers


Hotstar is a famous entertainment platform with millions of users coming over the platform to satisfy their desires for different genres of entertainment, and get their favourite shows with less complication, and geo-restriction that might disturb the overall activities of the users.

We all know that Hotstar is an Indian entertainment platform, and is freely available in the Indian regions, although people try to watch Hotstar in the USA, Singapore, or any other country with the help of a secured VPN connection otherwise it’s nearly impossible to stream in and enjoy a well-encrypted connection, without any fear of being caught from any intruder or hacker who is always seeking a way out to catch the personal information of their users who are spending their time on the internet.

Let’s start discussing the shows in detail, to have a clear idea about the shows, and the cast and crew working from the behind of the show, taking it to the height of wonders, and success!

The Best 5 Family Shows on Hotstar

Here are the best 5 family shows you can tune in on Hotstar, and enjoy your leisure time freely!

1. Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

One of the best, and longest-running shows on the platform of star plus, is Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, which is trending and getting a positive response from the viewers since 2008 and right now stands with an episodic range of 3,238.

The story is entirely family-based, and all the people all over the world love to watch this show because they’re attached to the characters and feel bad if something bad happens to them, or the lead characters of the shows. The track is right now running in its second season with the life hurdles, and happiness of Akshara, and Natik’s daughter Naira, and her husband Karthik who are facing different issues, and challenges in their lives.

Audiences love to see the drama every day, the lead characters are showcasing over the screens and capturing the attention of viewers with quality work, and videos. I would recommend watching this show at least once, and it’s entirely a family show with all the elements of happiness and sorrows!

2. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

The second one is an Ekta Kapoor Production, known best for the drama, romance, and thriller which cages the audience’s attention for a very long time! Right now, a sequel of this show is running over the platforms of Star Plus, and all the episodes from the start are available on the platform of Hotstar for the die heart fan of the shows.

The show is basically revolving around a lady, Ishita who falls in love with a divorce Person Raman, who is his neighbour living with his daughter. His daughter became the source of happiness, and connection between the two, and the viewers love to watch the love story that took place between them and we all know Ekta Kapoor is known best for endorsing love, and romance in her drama!

3. Kasauti Zindagi Ki ( Season 2 )

Thirdly, we have Kasauti Zindagi Ki, a Production of Ekta Kapoor and it’s a sequel of the drama serial which went off the air a decade ago, right now the viewers were having a lot of expectations from the new sequel, and how the story will continue following the same line of a story or maybe a different one with different criteria?

It’s a combination of love, romance, hate, affection, and sorrows keeping the show genre balanced, and of course, it’s a family show with all the family members being involved within the show episodes, and hurdles they’re having in their lives.

4. Master Chef India

The second last one is a Cooking Show, which has been running over the platform of Star Plus for a very long time, and every time a new season comes in with a celebrity judge, and the other two a well-known Chef for their food cuisine in the world.

Right now, Master Chef India is going on air on Starplus, and having all of the episodes on Hostar, with aspiring chefs, and food lovers from various countries, and critics of India, showing their cooking skills and taking part in different challenges.

5. Anupama

Anupama is a newly launched show on the platform of Star Plus, and of course, you can grab all the recent episodes from the platform of Hotstar. She is an ambitious lady, who is so much bound with her family, and the responsibilities but somehow she is doing a lot of efforts, and missing her own life happiness!

I would recommend watching this show, as it’s a family one which you all can enjoy and bring down all the happiness in your life with an entertaining show!

Wrapping Up

And that’s all for the day and I hope you enjoyed reading this show, and would definitely watch at least one of the mentioned shows with your loved ones, and family members. Although still if you have questions in your mind you can drop that down in the comments sections. More info to visit:

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