Surprise Your Friend: Top 5 Gift Suggestions on Friendship Day


Make this friendship day more special for you and your friend with one of these Friendship Day gift suggestions? Whether you’re searching for something special or simply need to show them the amount you love, we have the ideal gifts.

The best part about the gift choices listed here is that they are really surprising and heart-melting gifts. Surely, these gifts will stronger your bond. A personalized gift such as a personalized basketball for your sporty brother, also shows how well you know someone, and that you have gone out your way to make sure the gift is something they will love and treasure.

Let’s explore the listed gift suggestions for your friend.


Customised Kada For Men 

Not only women, but men also wear accessories to add a flavor to their look. Kada is one of the accessories that men like to match with their outfits. Hence, we recommend you gifting this customised Kada for men by Etchcraft Emporium to your buddy.

You will not need to think about fitting, its open cuff design makes it fully adjustable for any size. You can also customise this Kada with the name of your friend and he/she will surprise when will they saw their name on its surface. It’s an ideal piece of accessory that goes with any outfit perfectly.


Personalised Wall Hanging 

Gift a customised wall hanging to your friend that he/she can hang on the wall of the living room. You can add photos of your friend to make it more special, whether it’s from your childhood, school, or recent memory.

Try to make this gift very surprising and unique. Make sure your gift is out of the box which touches your friend’s heart.


Customised Name Bracelet 

If you are looking for something for your female friend, then you should gift this beautiful name bracelet to her. This item is also from Etchcraft Emporium. You don’t have to worry about the fitting, this bracelet is specially designed in a way that it can fit any size. This bracelet is comfortable to carry and it goes perfectly with any outfit. Also, you can add any text on the surface of this bracelet. You can add years of your friendship or some other text or message to transform a normal bracelet cover into a personalised item.


Customised Mobile Cover 

In the present time, everybody has a mobile phone because of which market is loaded with various mobile accessories like the mobile cover. This gives you an incredible gifting choice. You can get a specially designed phone cover for your loved ones with a beautiful picture of them. In the case that you don’t have their picture, you can give a personalised touch to the cover with their name or any quote. Finally, it’s your decision whether to get a silicone case or a shell cover for their mobile.


Personalised Car Keychain 

Last but not the least, it’s a chance for the most adaptable gift choices for all friends out there. We are talking about personalised car keychain from Etchcraft Emporium. It is a customised keychain that isn’t simply helpful yet also looks trendy. It is car shaped keychain and you can design this as a car logo. Moreover, you can get his/her car’s number engraved on its silver surface.

If your friend doesn’t own a car then you can get their name or any text on it. It makes the keychain a personalised gift and makes your gift an ideal choice for your friend.


Over to You

Every one of these gift suggestions is simply wonderful from all viewpoints moderate, customized, and unisex. You can any item from these mentioned items as a gift for your friend.

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