Is It Possible to Change the Name on a Flight Ticket a Day Before Travelling?


We know that travelling by flight is fun, specifically when you are travelling overseas. Before you step out of your home for the airport, make sure you take all the important stuff with you like baggage, passport, and other essentials.  Although you need to check the details on the ticket beforehand, it’s recommended to cross-check the details like your name, travel class, destination,etc. to avoid any hassles at the time of boarding. Incorrect names are one of the common issues that passengers face after flight booking and then they wonder whether it is possible to change the name on a flight ticket a day before travelling. So, let us tell you that United Airlines Name correction policy is of high value to you at this time. Read this article till the end to know about making ticket name changes a day before travelling.

Airlines Name Change Policy: A Facility to Make Name Changes to Flight Ticket with Ease

The United airlines name change policy is an excellent facility offered by well-known international airlines to its passengers. It permits them to do United airline name change on ticket at the last minute. However, the rules of name changes can be different for different airlines. Some of them allow you to make changes within 24 hours of your flight booking at zero cost but some of them charge you a certain amount of fee even within this 24-hours period.

For example: If you have booked a ticket today at 12 pm then you are charged no fee for changes made today itself.

If you want to make changes after 24 hours of booking your ticket, the airline will levy a change fee on your ticket. Once you pay this amount, your changes get confirmed. So, in short, you can make the changes to your name on the flight ticket a day before travelling by paying the name change fee. However, you need to double check the rules of ticket name changes with your respective airline customer service department.

Types of Name Changes Allowed Under United Airlines Name Correction Policy

The United Airlines name change policy is a go-to option for name change seekers. Here are some common types of name changes allowed under this policy. Additionally, documents required to confirm the changes are also listed.

  • Name Change After Marriage: Submit your marriage certificate to the officials
  • Name Change After Adoption: Submit your adoption certificate or document to the officials
  • Name Change After Divorce: Submit your divorce decree to the officials
  • For Changing your Legal Name: Submit your legal ID that’s issued by the government for verification of your actual name.
  • These changes usually do not need legal documents: typos, misspellings, inverted name changes, removal or addition of last/middle name.

Hopefully, this article has resolved your query. Take advantage of this policy when needed.

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