Best Books on the Latest Men’s Fashion and Style


Do you call yourself a man with a great fashion sense? If so, you must follow a bunch of men’s style books to look and feel your best.

I know, you must be thinking when there’s so much info on the Internet already, why is there a need to read books. Well, there is something about sitting down and reading a long-form of writing about a subject you love.

Let’s dig into the world of style by reading the best men’s style books and gain a deep understanding of how to dress well and look your best. Here are our top picks:

1: Effortless Outfits

I will call this book a comprehensive guide about understanding how to match your clothes. For an outfit to look good, every piece worn has a significant role to play. This book will teach you everything you know for matching pieces whether they are khaki pants, Henley’s, or other ensembles.

In case you are wondering, this book has a solid rating of 4.8 on Amazon and more than 100 reviews so it’s worth reading if you are always struggling with putting outfits together.

2: Icons of Men’s Style 

This book tells how men’s fashion has evolved over the years. It will introduce you to some of the most iconic pieces of men’s wear. Although the book talks about outdated looks, it’s very useful if you want to come up with your own inspiring outfits based on historical men’s clothing. Plus, a man with a deep fashion sense would want to stay in touch with the fashion of the past.

 3: Men and Style: Essays, Interviews & Considerations

As the name implies, this book is a collection of interviews and essays about menswear from around the world. The content is unconventional really. You will get to hear different perspectives on various fashion ensembles which might inspire your wardrobe.

The book also makes the reader familiar with the fashion mistakes of the past so that you can dress up well today.

4: A Man & His Watch

Fashion accessories are an imperative part of dressing up too, you know. This is why I would recommend reading A Man & His Watch.

It’s a very interesting read. The book narrates stories of watches wrong by stars such as Ralph Lauren, Sylvester Stallone, and others. If you buy this book, do leave it on display in your office or book library at home.

5: Alles über Herrenschuhe

It’s a German book that’s like an encyclopedia about men’s shoes. It’s not perfect but it covers everything there is about men’s shoes starting from different models, construction, history, and more.

If you speak German, this book must be on your bookshelf. On the other hand, if you speak English, then read Goodyear Welted Shoes to learn how shoes are made. It’s extremely easy to understand.

6: Jewelry for Gentlemen 

Don’t get weird by reading the title of this book, it’s quite informative. This book by James Sherwood covers brooches, lapel pins, chains, cufflinks, rings, and necklaces that a gentleman can wear.

Jewelry for Gentlemen was the first book dedicated to the most neglected subject of jewelry for men. It draws on the expertise of men’s inside knowledge of the jewelry industry. It’s going to be a trove of inspiration for any man who admires jewelry.

7: Ralph Lauren: Revised and Expanded Anniversary Edition

Ralph Lauren is one of the top fashion icons of the world. There’s a reason he has loomed so large in the fashion industry. If you are unsure why, this book is a good place to learn it all.

It celebrates the life as well as work of the most celebrated designer, Ralph Lauren and the vision of his brand presented by himself. The book is visually stunning as well. You will find Lauren being candid about his art.

In the first half of the book, you get to know the designer in a new light as the content throws light on his private and family life. In the second half, he talks about his most iconic works. Through the fashion monograph, you will have a rare peek into the mind of this accomplished designer. The book is written by Lauren himself.

8: The Mr. Porter Paperback: The Manual for a Stylish Life

Mr. Porter, the global retail destination for men’s style doesn’t just stock the most impressive menswear brands, it also provides information and fashion-friendly guidance. This manual is for men from every generation. It contains interviews and insider tips on subjects such as Jazz, polo shirts, biker jackets, tweed shows, cardigans and so much more.

9: The Italian Gentleman

This book is a tour guide for anyone who wants to learn about Italian tailoring. It throws light on the designers, tailors, and artists who have defined the notion of Italian style from generations. It also introduces the readers to ateliers and hidden shops in Italy. more info to visit:

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