All You Need To Know About Gas Cookers


Every home needs some form of device that allows residents to cook their food, whether it’s a huge range that’s perfect for catering to an entire family as well as guests or a small, standard oven perfect for one person, a couple, or a small family unit. However, choosing an oven is not as easy a task as it may seem. Different models and different types of ovens have their own pros and cons, with cost being a major factor. To help you understand the benefits of getting a gas cooker over other types for your home, we’ve put together this quick guide with everything you need to know about gas cookers.

The Benefits Of Using A Gas Cooker

There are many things to consider when choosing a new oven, and one, in particular, is understanding the difference between a gas stove and an electric one. While electric stoves have their benefits, we believe a gas stove is a far superior choice. Electric ovens came into the mainstream due to their seemingly revolutionary and sleek design. But notice that it’s very rare to see a restaurant kitchen with an electric induction hob. That’s because overall, the quality of cooking using a gas cooker is far superior to an electric one as an open flame provides you with many more options.

Choosing A Gas Cooker

When buying a gas cooker, your first step is knowing which type will benefit you the most. As with any other device, they’re not all the same and can have some significant differences. There are plenty of budget models out there from less well-known brands, but many reliable models like gas cookers from LG will benefit from features of both gas and electric ovens by using a dual heating method. This means that the oven itself will be electric, while the stove top will be fueled by gas, which is arguably a much more effective method of cooking than an induction hob.

Understanding The Cost

The cost of living is increasing across the planet, including fuel prices for vehicles, the cost of gas to fuel our homes, and a rise in our electricity bills. These costs have increased so much that many people in the UAE are choosing to buy electric cars to offset their fuel costs. Our electricity in the UAE is almost entirely produced using gas-fired generation methods, meaning that using an electric stove is still making use of natural gas somewhere down the line. Electric stoves are generally more expensive than gas. They take roughly three times the energy to get electricity to your electric oven than it does to get gas to your gas cooker, so if you want to save money on your utility bills, then gas is the way to go.

Repair And Maintenance

You can find many repair services for gas ranges, and it’s important to keep your gas cooker in good condition for many reasons. First and foremost, damaged gas lines can be extremely dangerous and gas leaks pose a serious health risk. There is also an increased risk of explosions and fires starting. Regular safety checks are advised to keep your gas cooker in good condition. As well as this, you’ll want to keep your cooker as clean as possible, as the burners themselves can get clogged with food and grease, weakening the flame and causing the cooker to become much less effective.

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