A guide to protecting floors with step entrance matting


Winter weather is notoriously difficult for facilities services and maintenance crews to deal with. Extra time, effort, and money are spent on salting, shoveling, scrubbing damp floors, clearing salt stains, and ensuring safety, among other things. Every season, we spend a significant amount of time out in the field assisting clients in preparing for winter weather and resolving safety problems. We may always propose little adjustments, but the most effective method to protect your floors, reduce your liability risk, and save money is to invest in a mat entry system.

The three-mat entry system

With adequate matting, 85 percent of dirt, dust, and moisture transported into a facility may be trapped within the first 15 to 18 feet. M+a matting created a 3-mat entry system specifically for this purpose. This system is comprised of three mat types: scraper mats, Waterhog (scraper/wiper) mats, and carpeted (wiper) mats.

Mats for scraping

The initial stage in this method is scraper mats. These mats are installed outside your building as your first line of protection against dirt, filth, and dampness. Surface cleats on mats like our scrape mat are meant to scrape difficult dirt and grime off shoes, while the bi-level design traps debris below foot level. Our brush hog mats come in a variety of colors and feature a surface designed to filter dirt and moisture away with drainable borders.

Mats for WaterHog

Waterhog (scraper/wiper) mats serve as the second line of defense. Waterhog mats may be used inside or outdoors, depending on your entryway and the mat you choose. Waterhog mats feature a bi-level surface architecture that eliminates and traps dirt below foot level, but they also include a water dam border that can store up to 1.5 gallons of water per square yard. The long-lasting pet fabric absorbs water, allowing it to dry quicker than ordinary materials.

Mats with carpet

Carpeted (wiper) mats round off this trifecta by wiping away any remaining dust and wetness from your shoes. M+a provides a variety of logo mat solutions to help promote your business, such as our color star impressions mats. Solid color star mats with the same fade-resistant, stain-resistant, eco-friendly pet surface are also available. If you’re searching for something ultra-absorbent, there are additional solid carpeted mats available, such as microluxx or plush.

What is the process for designing and printing a doormat?

When you work with a reputable matting firm like waterhog eco premier mats, you may print any design, branding, or trademark.

We have a lot of expertise with custom-printed doormats, bringing boring floor areas to life, and dealing with damp flooring in the winter. We provide amazing lead times, so even if you want urgent matting, our staff can assist.

How do you customize a doormat?

All the client has to do is provide us with a copy of their design, and our experienced staff will create a mock-up of the personalized doormat and return it back to them. If there are any changes that need to be made, we can do so as well. Once you’re satisfied, we’ll go to work on creating your unique printed mats using our cutting-edge printers and matting materials.

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